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Was the International Space Station worth it?

A decade ago, two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut became the first humans to move into the International Space Station. For four and a half months, the station was their home. Their time there was known as Expedition 1, … Continue reading

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New Optics Technology Used for Exoplanet Hunting

A new method for detecting exoplanets has been successfully used for the first time. The technology, which was installed on the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), has provided images of a planetary system previously invisible to astronomers. The … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse From Space

                          This is one of the great examples of why astronomy is cool. The photograph was taken earlier this month using the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO), and shows … Continue reading

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Habitable Exoplanet May Not Exist

Two weeks ago, we learned of an exciting new discovery in our galaxy. The first sign of a possible Goldilocks planet orbiting one of our closest stellar neighbours. Not too hot and not too cold, with the possibility of liquid water, Gliese … Continue reading

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Mars May Have Had an Earth-Like Atmosphere

Today, Mars has an almost non-existent atmosphere. Just a few heavier molecules that are clung on to by the planet’s weak gravity. Nothing even close to what we so deeply rely upon here on Earth. But, we now know that … Continue reading

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Science Churnalism

There has been a lot of talk about science journalism this week. When I read Martin Robbins article on The Lay Scientist a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised by the attention the article received. In a world of … Continue reading

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