It’s All Relativity is written by Louise Ogden, a science journalist from London.

An Image of Louise OgdenI am currently studying for a Masters degree in Science Journalism at City University in London. The hours are long, the people are great and the work is…well, work. But I’m learning lots, and this blog is partly so that I can practice my skills and hone my abilities, but also so that I can get a bit more involved in the exciting world of science blogging.

My special interest is in astronomy, but I love science in general, from psychology to chemistry, and anything in between, so no doubt a few posts will appear at some point on these topics.

I’m also working on the science website, Elements, and I’ll be at the Naked Scientists over Christmas to improve my radio skills.

For any more information, about me or my blog, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!


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